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As an immigrant to two continents and having experienced the pain of losing family members to social, cultural and personal challenges, I bring my human self and learned academic resources tempered by time to help those who may not be so fortunate as to be able to manage life changes. Through the supportive services I offer, you will find your voice, believe in what you want to achieve and move in the direction so it becomes real. If you are looking for supportive resources for your business, your career or your personal and family life, I believe we should have a chat and begin to create that reality for you. I have worked with 3 state colleges across 2 states over the past 20+ years supporting their student body, graduating students entering the workforce and incumbent workers experiencing the challenges of economic change. I am pleased to have been associated with YearUp and Generation, a McKinsey & Co initiative both of which support young adults identify their best interests and develop their preferred skills in order to create healthy employment decisions. Most recently I challenged myself and completed a series of human interaction courses providing me certifications through the Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Institute and Solution Focused Brief Therapy University in order to enhance my capability to help you in your time of need. Challenges are what we see when we are not prepared. Opportunities are what we see when we willingly accept a future best self we HOPE for! Shall we begin!

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