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Individuals, Teenagers Individuals, Teenagers License No. & State: SW 19999 Florida

Meryl Sykes

I believe the body comes to therapy and is as valuable a pathway to shift perspective and explore emotions as the mind.  I have witnessed amazing transformation in people, including myself, when their physical form is re-aligned and when they have the opportunity to move.  I have also witnessed profound change with shifts in perspective, focus, and belief in self. Our aim with this practice (Therapy & Yoga Collective) is to create opportunity to explore both routes.

I use Solution Focused Brief Therapy because it aligns most closely with my values and beliefs.  Many therapies focus on problem solving.  However, SFBT doesn’t see problems.  It sees opportunity, resilience, human spirit, and ability.  This is what I strive to highlight for each client so they see themselves as the hero of their own story and can move forward in choice, awareness, and love.

Sessions are 45-50 minutes of talk exploration with the option to incorporate movement if desired.  Movement may look like walking in nature while we talk, some kind of play or activity, or simple yoga movements to open the body prior to talking.

Evening and Weekend Appointments Available! Sessions can be through Zoom if you are a Florida resident and in person if you are local to Naples, Florida.


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