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Individuals, Couples, Families, Children License No. & State: New Jersey $125.00 - $185.00

I provide the following environment:
You will enter an environment that supports your safe expression of thoughts, opposing ideas,  and beliefs so that you can develop both professionally and personally.

You must have a dynamic path, a track that allows you to adjust your approach and methodology of your core constructs that will enable tangible, measurable progress to be made.

You will have the ability to enhance your skills, capabilities and ‘thinking’, which confirms you are being heard.

I provide the following services:
Personal & Professional Support
Through this supportive service, you will optimize your existing skills and develop while learning about latent assets you possess. If you are looking for supportive resources for your business, your career or your personal life, these programs are for you.
Be seeing you!

Life Coaching Services
Establish a set of clearly-defined resources which will continue to guide your actions long after the session has ended
Be comfortable with and have a clear understanding of the outcomes specific actions will provide.
You will set up parameters that must be respected by those around you.
I will help you develop a sphere of influence in which to share future thoughts, ideas and actions in order to grow.
You will receive a period of FREE Mentoring, equivalent to the period of your Coaching time.

Family Coaching
My Strategic Therapy has a dynamic effect on your family relationships in being able to restore the passion new relationships enjoy and tied relationships yearn for. Understanding your family dynamics creates breakthroughs in systemic thinking and allows the family time to heal.





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